Solutions Designed to Keep You Safe

Solutions Designed to Keep You Safe

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Designed for Safety


The Safe-T-Screen sets your district up for the future by combining employee health monitoring and time tracking, all in one easy-to-use device

  • Ensure safety with fast thermal temperature scans
  • Protect privacy with discreet illness questionnaires

  • Facilitate peace of mind with completely touch-free interactions

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Screening Software

  • Implement on any device, including our time clocks or your existing Chromebooks and laptops
  • Ensure compliance with required employee and visitor screenings
  • Customize questions to fit your district's screening requirements

Protect Your People

No matter how you reopen school this year, our new kiosk will help you screen for potential health concerns and keep your staff, visitors, and students protected. Our kiosks are designed to be completely unmanned, eliminating the need to expose your screening staff to additional risks.

Stay One Step Ahead

Our contactless Safe-T-Screen can collect non-invasive, HIPPA compliant data from employees, volunteers, and visitors, while keeping admins ahead of the curve with real-time updates.


Invest in the Future

Even though it doesn’t feel like it right now, Covid-19 will not last forever! And on that day when social distancing is a thing of the past, the Safe-T-Screen Timeclock will be ready to hang up its screening hat, and continue to provide a simple, secure and seamless clock in experience.

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