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No more garbage in, garbage out.

Better Data, Better Payroll

SmartClocks designed to be easy for employees and streamline Time and Attendance Systems. 

Featured Customer

“Our previous time & attendance system required constant maintenance; Touchpoint eliminated IT’s time and attendance maintenance workload almost completely.”

IT Department SD in LA

A firm foundation for accurate payroll.

The Three Pillars

Touchpoint exists to speed up, enhance, and make the payroll process more efficient for all parties of an organization.


Easy for Employees 

Seamless for Admins

Simple For IT


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Reduce Missed Punch Rate

Make scanning fast and convenient by utilizing badges for a smooth and successful rollout.

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Clean and Convenient

75% of employees prefer to scan as soon as they walk in the building vs mobile and workstation clocking.
With our AnyPlace PoE, devices can be cleanly and securely installed near the door with just one cable.

We Have An App For That

Our DIY KIT comes complete with our new DIY SmartClock App, Badge Scanner, and White Glove Support to quickly turn your existing devices into clock-in stations.
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No hurdles or mysteries.

Go Live With Confidence

Our team of experts is there to manage all DataDirect integration as well as any updates, maintenance or patches to the software and hardware.
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