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SmartClock Lite

Clean, Convenient and Reliable clocking on a budget.
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All-In-One Device

Featuring AnyBadge technology and AnyPlace PoE, users can scan in quickly and conveniently as soon as they step foot in the building to report for work.

Reduced Missed Punch Rate

Admins will love the reduced missed punch rate which means fewer timesheets to chase down and a more seamless payroll process.

Proven, Effortless, Secure

As an extension of your IT Department, our White Glove Service and Support team can remote in and take the rollout of this high impact project and make it proven, effortless and secure.
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Why Choose Lite?

Eliminate System Vulnerabilities

Protect your system digitally and physically from intentional and unintentional issues.

Work with Experienced Professionals

Let our knowledgeable team walk you through every step of the process.

Prevent Go Live Setbacks

Go Live in time, the first time with a guaranteed configuration delivered and remotely monitored by the experts.

Enable Clean and Convenient Badge Clocking

Simple to install in public areas to make scanning in easy and reduce missed punch rate.

Avoid Unknown Errors

Leverage our millions of clock-in events and DataDirect integration to ensure a stable and updated system.