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Standard SmartClock

Built with and for Time and Attendance Systems for security, longevity and maximum uptime.

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All the Extras

Our most popular clock built with and for SaaS systems with all the bells and whistles including our NeverDown 4G Failover to make sure employees have no reason to ever miss a punch.

Secure and Rugged

Stay protected from setbacks like power surges, curious kids and complex configurations with our most secure and rugged SmartClock.

Extended Support

With 3 years of White Glove Service and Support, our experienced professionals will remotely manage, monitor and update as needed so you can proceed with confidence.

Why Choose Standard?

Optimize your time collecting solution with the Standard SmartClock.

Maximum Security for Maximum Up-Time

Physically and digitally tamper proof with no exposed wires and two factor authentication for admin access.

Extended Screen Life

With one of the longest product lifetimes in the industry, you can make sure to get the most out of your investment.

Upgraded Components

Ensure longevity with industrial grade components included multiple and obscure badge compatibility.

Never Lose Connection

Always stay connected regardless of building internet with the 4G NeverDown failover system.

Avoid Power Problems

With the PowerProof UPS Battery Backup system, you don’t have to worry about a downed device due to power outages or surges.