Meet Our Team

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Who We Are

We are a rapidly-growing team of service-minded individuals dedicated to helping each other and working for our customers. 

We conscientiously commit to providing a helping hand whenever we can. From refilling the coffee pot, to going the extra mile for our customers, to helping those in our community, Touchpoint looks at every aspect of our business with this perspective firmly at the forefront of our minds.

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What Does This Mean?

Touchpoint is a hardware provider, founded to lift the burden from K12 IT teams and school administrators. We enhance the software tools school districts already love by ensuring their employees’ time is captured quickly, correctly, and effectively. 

This means you can count on us to go above and beyond to serve our customers. From our customizable, easy-to-use devices, to our white glove support and service, Touchpoint is hard-wired to take care of our customers and works hard everyday to put you in a position to win!

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Our Core Values

 From customer interactions and product design, to the environment in our office - we strive to live out these principles every day. Read on to learn what guides Touchpoint forward!

Find a way to win

 Be determined, get creative, take ownership. No excuses. Winners only win because they are prepared. Failure equals opportunity.

Strive for progress, not perfection

The world moves fast and we are never the smartest people in the room. Always be learning, always be applying, always be ready for change.

Sweat the small stuff

Excellence in the small things is the foundation for excellence in the big things. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.

Lead by serving

My team's growth is on my shoulders. So is my own. Comfort and complacency are the enemies of progress. Be a contributor, not a consumer.

Champion a trailblazer mindset

Take risks and expect a challenge, but don’t go at it alone. Be intentional, create something new, build the future.  Adventure over indulgence.

Embrace the simple life

Focus on what’s worthwhile and get there as soon as you can. Work is full of unnecessary distractions. Make complicated things simple ASAP.

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