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Check out our Featured Partners

We are proud to partner with many leading innovators in the technology space to bring state-of-the-art solutions to organizations. Our collaboration with these partners streamlines administrative processes, ensuring a more efficient and accurate time collection experience. Check out some of our partners below.

Frontline Education Time and Attendance

For Frontline Time and Attendance, we provide robust hardware solutions that enhance K-12 time tracking with real-time data accuracy. For the last 12 years, our industrial-grade devices have integrated seamlessly with Frontline's system, offering comprehensive visibility into employee attendance while eliminating manual entry. With built-in Neverdown 4G backup and Anyplace PoE, our devices ensure continuous live data access, improving accountability and compliance.

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Raptor Visitor Management

Partnering with Raptor VisitorSafe™, we supply reliable kiosk hardware to elevate their visitor management system. Our industrial-grade devices ensure smooth operation and enhanced security, supporting flexible deployment and continuous live data access with built-in 4G backup and Anyplace PoE for easy installation.

YOSS Time Tracker

Supporting the YOSS platform, we deliver dependable, plug-and-play hardware for their cloud-based K-12 HR and Finance solutions. Our devices seamlessly integrate with YOSS, allowing schools to efficiently manage timesheets and time tracking within a centralized data repository, streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency.

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Red Rover Time Tracking

Enhancing Red Rover Time Tracking, our industrial-grade hardware ensures efficient and accurate employee time management. Our seamless integration supports real-time data access, reducing human error and fraud. With built-in NeverDown 4G backup and Anyplace PoE, we provide continuous, paperless tracking and swift approvals, simplifying district management.