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Frictionless and Accurate Time Tracking

Fully supported, plug-and-play solutions for Red Rover to be the most frictionless and accurate time management system in K12
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Scan and-go for precise time, the first time-streamlining approvals and accelerating the payroll process by up to 90%

Fool Proof

Make it easy to remember and impossible to mess up timesheet data with simplified, convenient clocking as soon as they walk in the building

Fraud Proof

Get peace of mind knowing you can trust the punches with resilient and secure SmartClocks designed to prevent buddy punching

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"We have paid out an incredible amount of overtime this year. With the SmartClock, It's a more accurate reflection of hours that people are actually working.

-IT Dept. in Virginia


“We used the exact same prox cards; we didn’t have to adjust anything. The whole system has helped reduce my workload. It has been a big help, to be honest, especially with speed and accuracy.”

- Payroll Coordinator in Oklahoma 

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Standard SmartClock with Biometrics
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Standard SmartClock 
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SmartClock Lite

Don't let your payroll process stay messy by missing out on automatic Absence data from Red Rover.
Avoid the need to handle complex IT user errors, manual timesheet fixes and possible buddy punching.

Touchpoint SmartClocks are the only way designed to get the accuracy you need to run payroll,
but without the friction in software rollout or system management.
(especially for the less tech savvy groups!)