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Partnering For Your Success

At Touchpoint, our goal is to help you reach new heights by providing robust hardware solutions that seamlessly integrate with your software. We handle the technical heavy lifting so you can focus on what you do best—delivering exceptional software experiences to your customers.

  • Minimal Technical Requirements: We streamline the integration process, requiring no major adjustments on the software side.
  • Expand Your Market: Our hardware solutions enable you to offer a more comprehensive and appealing product to a wider range of customers- especially where there is no IT department.

  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: Enhance your customers' experience with reliable, easy-to-use hardware that simplifies their operations and increases efficiency.

Plug-and-Play Integration

Our devices are designed for minimal lift, allowing your customers in industries like K12, construction, security, housekeeping, healthcare, and manufacturing to enjoy a quick and easy setup without needing an IT team.

Fast. Fail-Proof. Foolproof.

End-user employees love the speed and reliability of our devices, ensuring a smooth and error-free experience without the buddy punching.

Significant Payroll Savings

With precise and real-time clock-in data, your customer’s payroll departments save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars.

Together, let's drive innovation and success in the industry!

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Join us in transforming the way businesses operate with cutting-edge hardware solutions.

Contact us to learn more about our partner program, discuss timelines for integration, and explore how we can support your growth.


What Do We Offer?

NeverDown 4G

Ensure data is always live with a built-in 4G backup, even if the building's internet goes out.

Simplified Integration

Enable admins to enter badge numbers during employee enrollment and create a URL for automated customer login, ensuring seamless operation and re-logins.


Add finger scanning capabilities without requiring any development from your team.

Industrial-Grade Devices

Durable and long-lasting, designed for heavy-duty use 24/7/365 for years to come

Anyplace PoE System

Single line injector for easy placement without expensive/ network switches or additional outlets.

Competitor Trade-Ins

We offer trade-in credits for existing hardware, helping you make a stronger case for your product even if customers have recently invested in competitor clocks.

A customer in Texas switched to one of our partners because our trade-ins won over the finance team despite spending $250,000 on competitor clocks in the last 12 months.